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Greening the Outback Tour (11 days)

NATURETOURISMCERTnewI last arranged a greening of the outback tour back in 2009 when widespread rain fell across inland Australia. Now, in 2019, we have had two flood events travel through the Channel Country and a little rain to add to the water table. The result is some of this land, which was in drought for 7 years, is seeing its first pastures for a long time. Events like this occur about every 10 years, where will you be in ten years time? So why wouldn't I offer you the opportunity to see the outback at its glorious best. There will be vast areas of lush green growth in our desert country, some areas will still be in drought but the thing that excites me the most is the prospect of seeing fields of wild flowers as nature takes its course. Add to this the prospect of lots and lots of birdlife given every waterhole in the Channel Country will be full of water and fish, but like the TV add says, wait, there is more. The opportunity to see Lake Eyre, which the experts say has as much water as the great flood of 1974, makes it almost irresistible to take a few days out of your busy life and see this phenomenal natural event first hand.

All national park and station entry fees and camping fees, Dinner, Bed and Breakfast at Marree for two nights and our usual support in recoveries or mechanical issues. Optional tour costs are dinners at any hotels other than Marree and your plane flights over Lake Eyre (approximately $430 each TBC)

Basic Requirements for this Tour

The 4WD
Suitable to 4WDrives with high and low range. 
Suitable for Off Road Camper Trailers
Your 4WD should have recovery points located at the front and rear
We recommend heavy duty springs and shock absorbers and a cargo barrier
A vehicle pre-trip check prior to departure is recommended

Petrol engines  120 litres   
Diesel engines  100 litres             


A UHF radio – we can hire you a radio
Carry a snatch strap and rated shackles (see our shop if you need recovery equipment)
Spare fan belts, fuel filter, oil and brake fluid
Assorted fuses of 10amp, 15 amp and 20 amp to suit the vehicle plus spare fuses for UHF radio and fridge

Driver experience 
Prior experience not necessary as we will assist you as we go or you might consider attending our driver training course. - Do you require Driver Training?

This is a self catered tour apart from our stop at Marree, bring your own food and drink requirements, we supply a gas BBQ for your use in camp. Carry 3 extra days of emergency food supplies.
It is reccommended that you carry at least 20 litres of water.

Camping gear
You need to supply your own camping gear, this is a camping tour there is no accommodation option. Suitable for Off Road Camper Trailers.

There are toilets and showers at some of our camp sites.

More Info – will be sent to you once you register with your deposit

AccredNo 4WD?
We can help with the Hire of a 4WD

Refund Policy
Deposits are non refundable. If your booking can be reallocated to another participant then the deposit can be transferred to another tour of your choice which must be taken within 18 months of the original booked tour. The full tour fee is payable 6 weeks prior to the tour and is not refundable after this time. You should consider taking out Travel Insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances including illness, vehicle problems or family matters.