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Madagascar Self Drive Adventure (31 days)

After three successful tours in Africa with our joint venture partner, Self Drive Adventures, Great Divide Tours is pleased to be venturing to another exotic and wild destination – this time Madagascar.
160 million years ago Madagascar split from the African continent to form the fourth largest island in the world. At that time mammals did not even exist (they appeared around 100 million years later), which is why Madagascar is without the typical fauna found on the African continent.
Other than bats, that were able to fly from the continent, there is not a single Madagascan mammal species that you can find in any other place of the world. Madagascar is one of the most bio-diverse countries on earth, home to thousands of species of plant and animal life of which about 80 percent cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Even 65 percent of all bird species are endemic to Madagascar.
The local ethnic group that forms almost all of the 22 million population are the Malagasy. They are divided into two subgroups: the "highlanders" of the central plateau and the "coastal dwellers" elsewhere in the country. The history of has many influences from Arab merchants, Portuguese, French, Dutch and English.
This tour will be guided by our partners Self Drive Adventures.

Contact Vic at info@greatdividetours.com.au to receive the full itinerary.

Basic Requirements for this Tour

Mindset: The mindset required on this adventure is one of patience and flexibility and don’t expect a luxury holiday. You need to understand that travelling in a third world country does not always go smoothly, no matter how well planned. There is definitely a culture of “Mora, Mora” – “Slowly, Slowly” in Madagascar so things may not happen as quickly as you’d like – it’s all part of the adventure and your Self Drive Adventure’s escort and local support team will do their utmost to smooth out any hiccups during the journey.

This is not a 5-star holiday. It is an adventure. We’ll be staying in a blend of accommodation. The hotel in Tana is of a very high standard and from there we will stay in 3-star “budget” hotels, a couple of very basic hotels where that is the best available, bush huts, bungalows and resorts. As basic as some places are, they are clean and atmospheric.         

Ford Everest Diesel manual, air-conditioned maximum age of 3 years or similar. As these cars are not camping equipped, there is no fridge. The car is quite spacious inside and can comfortably take 4 passengers. The 4x4 will have a fire extinguisher and basic first aid kit. You will be required to pay a cash deposit of EUR750 upon collection of the vehicle. A full set of terms and conditions will be supplied. Self Drive Adventures reserves the right to change the vehicle to a similar but not identical car.

Driving Ability
The skills required are a driver’s license and a good dollop of common sense. 4x4 experience is required, although the tracks we take are not technically challenging, just slow, rough and sandy.
You might consider attending our driver training course - Do you require Driver Training?

See the itinerary inclusions for meals that are included. In general, the food is quite good, very good in some places. Breakfast is the most limited meal being a standard baguette/bread with jam, coffee and tea. Sometimes this is accompanied by fruit and yoghurt and you can usually order a basic omelette (but there may be a small extra charge for this). Where meals are not included we will buy food along the way in small cafes/restaurants or take picnic lunches from the hotel. There are also supermarkets along the route where you can top up on snacks to carry in the 4x4.

Around Antananarivo expect around 23—26 degrees C, there is a possibility of rain, around Morondava 20-35 degrees C, small chance of rain and water temperature 26 degrees C, around Ifaty 19-35 degrees C, small chance of rain and water temperature 25 degrees C, around Ranohira 15-25 degrees C, chance of rain and water temperature 25 degrees C, around Sainte Marie Island 19-30 degrees C, some chance of rain and water temperature 25 degrees C

Refund Policy
Deposits are non-refundable once the minimum number of bookings is reached. The full tour fee is payable 8 weeks prior to the tour and is not refundable after this time. 
Full terms & conditions will be provided upon application.