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Corporate Training

To obtain a quote and discuss your needs contact Vic Widman on 02 9913 1395 or info@greatdividetours.com.au

Corporate Training is provided to companies that wish to reduce the risk of damage to their vehicles and to meet OH&S issues with their employees. Companies that have undertaken our training have seen a marked reduction in vehicle maintenance and OH&S claims. The cost of the training can be recouped many times over.

Once again the training provided is to our superb industry leading standand and can be provided to either introductory or advanced four wheel drive skill levels. You will attain either an Introductory or an Advanced level of operation of a four wheel drive vehicle and vehicle recovery techniques. If your employees are required to drive a four wheel drive in the course of their duties you owe it to their safety and your peace of mind to have them complete this course.

Check out the hire of our property for Corporate Team building days.

  • OH&S Driver Training
  • Government Fleet Owners
  • Private Organisation Fleet owners
  • National Parks, SES, Health, Ambulance, Mining, Telecommunications etc

All employers have a duty of care under the new OH&S rules to provide a safe work environment for their employees. An area which has a high rate of injury claims is in the use of motor vehicles. Our 4WD Training will help you achieve enormous reductions in injury claims and vehicle maintenance costs. This is already proven by our existing clients. We provide  training in 4WD operation to either Introductory or Advanced level.  

  • Corporate Training
  • Car Dealerships
  • Fleet Owners
  • Team Building
  • Staff Incentive

We can design a programme to suit your specific needs. Whether it be to train your new sales people in the use and benefits of a four wheel drive – watch your sales figures soar when your sales people talk with confidence and enthusiasm to prospective purchasers OR you wish to see marked improvements in vehicle maintenance costs from your fleet drivers OR you want a Team Building Exercise with a difference Or to just reward your staff for a job well done - Our Training and Incentive Days are the answer.

What is Included in Each Training Programme

  • Training delivered by professional workplace assessors and Trainers
  • Exclusive use of our state of the art 4WD training centre
  • Tea, coffee and orange juice throughout the course.
  • 4WD Operators Manual.
  • Question sheet for assessment purposes.
  • Camping on our specialist 4WD training property.

The Cost
From $350 per person per day (minimum of 4 trainees)

In the 4WD Training programme offered you will receive training in:-

  • Understanding how your 4WD system works (Practical)
  • Basic Maintenance and fault checking(Practical)
  • Safe tyre changing
  • How to find the smoothest path to follow on any given surface(Practical)
  • High and Low Range application(Practical)
  • Use of brakes and engine braking(Practical)
  • The difference between automatic and manual transmissions off road(Practical)
  • Different traction control devices (Practical & Theory)
  • How to drive through mud(Practical)
  • How to drive through sand (Theory Only)
  • How to drive through snow (Theory Only)
  • How to drive up steep inclines(Practical)
  • How to drive down steep declines(Practical)
  • How to cross a river (Theory & Simulated)
  • How to cross deep washouts(Practical)
  • How to drive over rocky and broken ground(Practical)
  • How to perform a forward and reverse stall start recovery(Practical)
  • How to safely use a snatch strap and winch (electric & manual)(Practical)


Bunk Style accommodation at the training centre $20 per person per night
Motel accommodation from $120 per double/twin share


We can arrange catering throughout the course from $100 per person per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

4WD hire
We can assist with 4WD hire contact info@greatdividetours.com.au for details

Gravel Road Defensive Driver Training Course
Why not combine your 4WD course with our Gravel Road Defensive Driving course. We also offer a one day course in gravel road defensive driver training including braking techniques, cornering techniques, evasive action/accident avoidance, Drive to Survive.

The cost of this one day course at our 4WD training centre is $250 per person (minimum of 4 persons)

Team Building/Incentive
Prices on application depending on duration and requirements but minimum rental of property with an instructor is $950 per day

Product Launch
Rental of property with caretaker/instructor/guide $950 per day

Individual Training
We can arrange individual training at a date to suit you. Contact Vic Widman on (02) 9913 1395 for more details and a quotation, or send an email to info@greatdividetours.com.au

Great Divide Tours owns an exclusive property on the outskirts of Braidwood in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Just 3 hours drive from Sydney, 2 hours from Wollongong and 1 hour from Canberra it is ideally located for easy access. This property has been developed with four wheel drive training in mind. Fully approved by Council this is a state of art training facility. It is in a picturesque bushland setting typical of the type of terrain that you are likely to encounter when using your 4WD. The nearby town of Braidwood provides fuel, supplies and accommodation.

For a quote or to discuss your particular needs please contact Vic Widman on 02 9913 1395 or info@greatdividetours.com.au

Refund Policy
Tour/Driver Training Deposits are non refundable unless your position can be filled, the deposit may be transferred to another date/tour or course.
Fees are payable from 1 week to 4 weeks prior to the tour/course, you will be advised when the fee is payable. Any cancellation by you after the due date for the full fee will result in forfeiture of your tour fee.

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