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Arnhem Land 4WD Tours (20 days)


Great Divide Tours has spent a great deal of time in Arnhem Land arranging access to some of the most beautiful and remote areas along with various local communities who wish to share their world with you. We have pioneered tag-along tours into some of these regions and this tour is highly sought after often booking out well in advance. Very few other tour operators offer tours in Arnhem Land or can match the history of doing so. The feedback from our tours has confirmed that we are offering something truly unique and special.

We will visit both West and East Arnhem Land with overnight stays in various communities allowing us to see first hand their culture and way of life. This is combined with seeing the unique landscape and wildlife of Arnhem Land, wild buffalo, turtle tracks on pristine beaches and yes, even crocodiles in their own habitat. This trip has it all. With over 14 years visiting Arnhem Land and working with the local people to bring you a unique experience, this is a trip of a lifetime into an area few venture. Email us for a detailed itinerary to see for yourself.

Basic Requirements For This Tour

AccredThe 4WD
Suitable to most 4WDrives.
Heavy Duty Off Road Trailers are suitable
Your 4WD should have recovery points located at the front and rear
All Terrain or Mud Terrain tyres with at least 50% of their original tread depth in LT or Light Truck construction, not Passenger (P) tyres
We recommend heavy duty springs and shock absorbers and a Cargo Barrier

A vehicle pre trip check prior to departure is recommended

Total fuel capacity for Arnhem Land Tour as follows:-
V8 and Straight 6 petrol engines 160 litres             
V6 petrol engines 140 litres             
4 cylinder petrol and some diesel engines 120 litres             
V8 and V6 diesel engines, or those towing trailers 160 litres

Please note, if you are unsure of how much fuel you will use please contact us to discuss your vehicle and its likely consumption.

A UHF radio
Carry a snatch strap and rated shackles (see our shop if you need recovery equipment)
Spare fuel filter, oil and brake fluid, 1 extra spare tyre (does not need to be mounted on a rim)
Assorted fuses of 10amp, 15 amp and 20 amp to suit the vehicle plus spare fuses for UHF radio and fridge
We will provide a full list of what we recommend closer to the tour.

Driver experience
Prior experience not necessary as we will assist you as we go or you might consider attending our driver training course. - Do you require Driver Training?

This is a self catered tour, bring your own food and drink requirements, we supply a gas BBQ for your use in camp. Carry 5 extra days of emergency food supplies.
20 litres of water per person up to a total of 50 litres

Camping gear
You need to supply your own camping gear, this is a camping tour there is no accommodation option. 

There are toilets and showers at some of our camp sites.

More Info – will be sent to you once you register with your deposit

AccredHire a 4WDrive
We can assist with arranging hire of a 4WD vehicle, please contact us for assistance.

Refund Policy

Great Divide Tours reserves the right to cancel or alter any tour or course at any time. Great Divide Tours will determine if any refund is due if this action occurs.

In the event of you canceling a booking the following refund policy applies. Deposits are non refundable. If your booking can be reallocated to another participant then the deposit can be transferred to another tour of your choice which must be taken within 18 months of the original booked tour. The full tour fee is payable 4 weeks prior to the tour and is not refundable after this time. You should consider taking out Travel Insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances including illness, vehicle problems or family matters.





A Customers view

"Hi Vic,

The Arnhemland tour was the best 4WD trip we have done. The cultural experience visiting the local communities in Eastern Arnhem land was a major highlight. The visits to sacred sites, traditional fishing, weaving and cooking demonstrations certainly added to the tour.

Who could forget the evening when us men were invited to join in the traditional dancing. We enjoyed the fantastic beach camp sites on the Coburg Peninsula and East Arnhem Land.

Counting the crocodile slides on the beach in the morning at the Coburg Peninsula camp was interesting. The beach driving is good as anywhere you will find in Australia. The day drive along the beach of Cape Arnhem is rembered for the fantastic scenery and and challenging sand driving. The sighting of numerous buffaloes and magnificent bird life in the wild added to the tour.

However, it was the crocodiles that everybody came to see and there was plenty of them, big and bigger. The Kakadu National Park tour was also very interesting with the Yellow Waters and the Jumping Crocodile tours were highlights. As usual, the detailed planning and realistic schedules and safety measures made for a very enjoyable tour.

Lyn & Stan"

"Hi Vic

Jan and I wanted to thank you for just the most fantastic Arnhem Land tour in August. We both had a great time and loved every minute of it. Reflecting on our time away it was the combination of experiences that made the tour so special. We saw amazing outback Australian landscapes, a huge variety of native flora and fauna all capped off with open and warm exchanges with the local people. As a result each day was both unique and special. How many times did we say to you at days end...well that was a great day Vic Thanks to you and Tony for being excellent guides, fine hosts and good story tellers.

All the best and safe travels.

Greg and Jan Goodsell"